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Are you a frequent flyer, for work or for fun? Maybe you’re due for routine dental x-rays or have a CT scan or other imaging procedure coming up. Or maybe you caught just a bit too much sun, enjoying the summer weather!

All these things contribute to oxidative stress and an excess of free radicals in the body, potentially damaging your cells, and even your DNA. Oxidative stress has been linked to many negative health outcomes, like premature ageing, and an increased incidence of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Enter: Halo

Halo is an advanced, novel antioxidant complex that protects your cells in a comprehensive way that no other single antioxidant can. Developed by physicians, its formulation is based on years of research into how to mitigate this dangerous cell damage.

Take Halo to get an effective, natural boost of antioxidant protection. Just two capsules prior to a flight, imaging event, or just anytime you feel the need for extra support

What do cabin crew and radiologists have in common?

Developed by physicians

Supported by science

Found in nature

Halo’s patented antioxidant blend contains many of the same nutrients found in today’s superfoods. Our formulation utilises eight powerful natural antioxidants to help support your health, from the individual cells to the body as a whole.

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Protect your whole-body health with Halo’s powerful antioxidant complex.

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